In the 60's and 70's artist Andy Warhol's studio "The Factory" was a notorious hang out for the pop icons of the day. You never knew who would pop in for the famed parties or who was just there to chill out.

In the spirit of "The Factory", artist Fahamu Pecou presents the RISING Sons Lounge. Part studio, part lounge, part community resource center, RSL features Pecou working on his large format paintings while his artist and entertainment friends hang out and engage friends and fans.

The space also serves as a place for diverse and engaging dialogue as From Afros To Shelltoes presents weekly conversations and workshops geared at fostering cross-generational dialogues on issues that affect the black community.

Rising Sons Lounge is presented by the City of Atlanta's Public Art program, Elevate: Art Above Underground and runs Sept 23-Oct30 2011.


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